Sunday, October 18, 2009

Windows Mobile Skins & Themes Gallery

Many of the Windows Mobile users like to add custom themes and skins for the various Windows Mobile apps like S2U2 , Nitrogen etc. And there is wide rage of skins available for these apps, but as most of these are spread across various forums & websites. WMSkins Gallery aims to bring them to one central resource.

To make things easier for us to hunt down the skins available for WM apps, a new site has been formed by some Windows Mobile fans … say hello to They have seperate sections for some of the well known apps like

  • S2U2
  • Nitrogen Music Player Skins
  • SPB Mobile Shell
  • PointUI Home
  • Titanium
  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Manilla 2D

Some of the other apps like WAD are currently missing but might come up in the future. Visit

Monday, February 16, 2009

S2U2C v0.09

S2U2C v0.09:

  • Compatible with S2U2 v1.45.
  • Option to change position of date & time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

S2U2C v0.08

S2U2C v0.08 released:

  • Compatible with S2U2 v1.42
  • Option to set S2U2 path, if it cant find S2U2.
  • Added option to use slide as sliden or slide.
  • Option to change Red Circle. Place files of red circle in S2U2C\gfx\Red Circle\ folder.
  • Option to change Date & Time Format.
  • Option to change Appointment Date & Time Format.
  • Option to choose weather forecast.
  • Visually improved.

Monday, December 15, 2008

S2U2C v0.07

S2U2C v0.07 released

  • Compatible with v1.36.
  • Option to change wallpaper directory.
  • Option to change wallpaper settings.
  • Option to change CallerID settings.
  • Support for png & gif files in wallpaper selection.
  • Now, its not necessary that s2u2 should be running before launching S2U2C.
Download S2U2C v0.07

Monday, December 1, 2008

S2U2C v0.06

S2U2C v0.06 is released.

* Option to change wallpaper.
* Added many more tweaks.
* While changing clock, option to change Default clock in use i.e. Analog or Digital.
* New Icon.
* Cab Installer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

S2U2C v0.05

S2U2 v0.05 is released.

  • Fixed the Show/Hide time bug.
  • Added option to unset Lock Sound, Unlock Sound, Run after unlock.
  • Added options to Add/Change Exceptions.

Monday, November 17, 2008

S2U2C - S2U2 Customizer

Customize S2U2 by A_C the way you want. After the popularity of S2U2 Customization thread Here @ xda-developers. I decided to write a software to make switching or customizing S2U2 easier.


  • Change Digital Clock.
  • Change Analog Clock Face.
  • Change Analog Clock Hands.
  • Change Arrows.
  • Change Slide.
  • Change Notice.
  • Change Battery.
  • Change Slide to Unlock Text.
  • Change Answer, Ignore Text.
  • Change Slide to Answer Text.
  • Hide/Unhide Clock & Hide/UnHide Date.
  • Add or Change sound to play on Lock & Unlock.
  • Add or Change the application to run after unlock.
  • Manage Exceptions.
  • Export & Import S2U2 Themes.
Change Log:
  • Fixed the Show/Hide time bug.
  • Added option to unset Lock Sound, Unlock Sound, Run after unlock.
  • Added options to Add/Change Exceptions.
  • Added option to change Slide to Unlock Text, Slide to Answer Text, Answer Text, Ignore Text.
  • Shut off S2U2 at startup & start S2U2 at exit.
  • Export & Import S2U2 Themes.
  • Some bugs fixed.