Monday, February 16, 2009

S2U2C v0.09

S2U2C v0.09:

  • Compatible with S2U2 v1.45.
  • Option to change position of date & time.


Dirk Diggler said...

I have a few issues with my s2u2. I have it installed on my Omnia and
it works great, but in the top left corner where it should say Verizon Wireless and show how many bars of signal I have, it says no service. Can you help with that.
I also like the style of the clock in this post. Whats it called n where can I get it if you don;t mind me asking.

asci said...

where can I find the theme you used for this released?

Ivan said...

isnt compatible with the omnia, i cant change the wallpaper i got an error, i cant add an exe for exceptions, anyway thans for this app

TGLNN said...

THX u for ur good software,i cant Download S2U2C Customization Pack,however. so could u mind sending them via email,my address!

Guillermo said...

The Download does not work

drnajmu said...

Is it compatible with s2u2 version 2.04??

JHAres said...
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JHAres said...

I have an error when I entered the option "Change/More...", "unexpected error" appears.
I'm using S2u2 2.14 on a Motorola A3100. What can I do, if anything ?